URBANSCREEN is an artist collective and creative company based in Bremen, Germany. Since 2005, we’ve been working in an interdisciplinary team of architects, media artists, musicians, cultural scholars and technical specialists from various fields. Together, we develop site-specific media installations for public spaces, including architectural projections, augmented sculptures, media façade concepts and virtual theatre.

We are driven by a deep fascination for the enormous potential technology holds for cross-genre artistic expression. By understanding ourselves as artists, researchers and inventors at the same time, we allow our work to blur the lines between those disciplines. Our work tackles the countless questions surrounding the new principles of communication, lifestyle and art emerging in the afterglow of the digital revolution. We investigate the phenomena that occur when the material world is superimposed with the digital, and inversely, when the digital overlaps with reality.

What concerns us and our work is to establish a language that makes this relationship tangible and to invent stories to be told, stories that find their expression in vivid, contemporary artwork. By experimenting with the syntheses of digital media and material objects and spaces, we discover new forms of artistically conveyed studies of a living environment that keeps changing as we speak.