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URBANSCREEN was invited as Speaker/Expert at this year’s OECD Forum in Paris. Within the declared Topic “getting cities right” we were giving a lecture about the ongoing mediatisation of urban landscapes and how artists can help to create new synergetic concepts for our future digitalized cities. Beside our work as artists we more and more seem to be recognized as experimental researchers that work on the foundation for a harmonized and sustainable integration of digital content into our cityscape. Especially our ongoing investment in concepts for permanent installations such as mediafacades lead to a wider and more holistic understanding of digitalized urban surfaces. The migration of digital content into our Lebensraum provokes a substantial reconsideration of function and aesthetics of digital media. Urban digital surfaces such as mediafacades seem to reveal the tension between real and virtual environments in a concrete and tangible way. Where the digital hits the wall – is where the shit hits the fan!