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“Grenzfläche” is a mapped video projection performed in the scope of “Viertelfest” 2009 in Bremen, Germany. The project is a cooperation with Constantin Georgescu, dancer in the ensemble of “Tanztheater Bremen”.
The basic idea was to describe the architectural surface as a boundary layer similar to the human skin – the façade as a sensible and fragile interface to the people’s privacy. The building is interpreted as an extended borderline of many interleaved boundary layers framing human intimacy.

Concept: Thorsten Bauer
Art director: Constantin Georgescu
Editing: Constantin Georgescu, Mari-Lena Rapprich
Motiongraphics: Leo Rokita
Production management: Mari-Lena Rapprich
Processing: Ralf Baecker
Video footage: Marie-Lena Rapprich, Leo Rokita, Constantin Georgescu
Technical director: Thorsten Bauer
Performer: Constantin Georgescu

Documentation: iona w.
Musik by AGF (remixed by iona w.)