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PRESENT TENSE explores the phenomenon of emergence – the theme of the Luxembourg Light Festival 2017 – by superimposing different aesthetic means of expression. What happens when dance is disconnected from the physical presence of a human body? Can the architectural body relocate the image in the here and now? And will a digital video still be perceived as such once the borders of the screen have vanished?

The work pushes the boundaries of three artistic disciplines colliding and embraces the co-presence of the virtual and material reality layers that surround us every day. Instead of pursuing the optical illusions that projection mappings have become so famous for, both levels of reality remain recognizable in PRESENT TENSE. Bricks become pixels and high resolution moving images become coarse-meshed color patterns, changing and re-arranging according to the dancer’s movements.

Premiere: December 15th 2017 at Luxemburg Light Festival 2017
At the Musée National d’Histoire et d’ Art (MNHA)

Concept & Art Direction: Julian Hölscher
Sound Designer: Thomas Werner (Llyphon)
Performers: Mimi Jeong, Ruth Conradi, Frank Könen
Production Manager: Janna Schmidt

Documentation Edit: Julian Hölscher
Camera: Till Botterweck, Julian Hölscher