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Winning the pitch for Vivid Sydney 2023 was like a homecoming for us. Around ten years after staging our groundbreaking production LIGHTING THE SAILS at the Sydney Opera House, we were thrilled to once again be part of the vibrant atmosphere of the festival.

Considering this year’s theme “Vivid Sydney, naturally”, we asked ourselves about our own personal meaning of nature and realised that, especially since the pandemic, it plays a vital role for us.

For the façade of the Powerhouse Museum, a building located in the busy periphery of the Central Business District, Chinatown and Haymarket, we decided to create a staging that translates the feeling of bathing in nature into sound and imagery.

With COMMON GROUND, we portrayed nature in all its forms – wild, calm, dangerous, powerful. Thus we presented it as our protagonist with its wide range of emotions worth preserving and respecting.

A very special thank you to everyone at Vivid Sydney, especially Melanie Horkan, Christina Klugt and Emma Stander for the very rewarding collaboration!

Commissioned by: Vivid Sydney
Date: 26 of May 2023 – 17 of June 2023


Production Direction: Lydia Liedtke
Technical Direction: Till Botterweck
Art Direction Production: Ana Romão
Art Direction Concept: Steffen Hörbrand
3D-Animation: Moritz Horn
Sound Design: Janis E. Müller, iona Wiese

Camera: Till Botterweck, Steffen Hörbrand, Ana Romão
Editing: Lennart Liedtke