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What is your personal meaning of ‘home‘? How do you picture your future self? What are you scared of? What makes you happy?

No matter whether you’re from Aleppo, Kabul or Bremen – in the process of growing up, we all make our own significant experiences that shape our personality, our perspective on the world and our hopes or the future. In the collaborative project #rootsnvisions, we delved into an interdisciplinary artistic research on our roots and visions.
Together with the streetworkers from VAJA – Verein zur Förderung akzeptierender Jugendarbeit, we conducted a workshop for 26 youngsters from diverse cultural and personal backgrounds. With the means of dance, performance, visual arts, film, written and oral storytelling, the participants found ways to express their experiences and perspectives, explore their differences and discover their common grounds.

The results of this longterm participative project were presented to the public as a large scale video projection on the facade of the Theater Bremen on November 3rd 2017. The central public building became a canvas for the youngsters to present themselves and their artistic ways of expression to a broad audience.

Workshop Participants:
Dance: Ali Yusufi, Berra Karaca, Melissa Durmus, Chiara Weiß. Mamadou Aliou Bah, Ali Reza Husseini
Performance: Ceyda Sarioglu, Ali Yusufi, Berra Karaca, Labinot Wolters, Maribel Grunert, Zeynep Yusufoglu, Melissa Durmus, Chiara Weiß, Deliah El-Chehade, Mamadou Aliou Bah, Nima Mozaffari, Nina Mozaffari, Ali Reza Husseini, Oumar Diallo, Josephine Jacoby, Jannis Metzmann, Sebastian Matthies, Sila Karlidag, Nasratullah Azizi, Ahmad Alzoubi, Fawad Faghiri, Ashkan Attaee, Ilham Nashvan Hadi
Music: Minh-Giang Huynh, Melissa Durmus, Nima Mozaffari, Oumar Diallo, Fawad Faghiri
Photography: Khalil Habash
Camera: Labinot Wolters, Jannis Metzmann, Nasratullah Azizi, Ahmad Alzoubi
Drawings: Ceyda Sarioglu, Nina Mozaffari, Ashkan Attaee
Documentation: Khalil Habash, Ahmad Alzoubi
Interviews: Zeynep Yusufoglu, Deliah El-Chehade
Animation: Sebastian Matthies

Workshop Direction:
Initiators: Wiebke Jopp, Jens Schaller
Mentoring: Konstantin Kassenkow
Sound & Music: Gunnar Erxleben, Janis E. Müller
Concept / Video Production: Till Botterweck
Technical Supervision & Documentation: Moritz Horn
Post Production: Ana Romão
Dance & Performance: Magali Sander Fett

Post Producion & Showing:
Concept: Till Botterweck, Janna Schmidt
Post Production: Till Botterweck, Ana Romão, Eike Buff, Lukas Neumann
Sound & Music: Janis E. Müller
Technical Concept & Supervision: Eike Buff, Lukas Neumann


Concept: Till Botterweck, Eike Buff, Janna Schmidt
Camera: Moritz Horn, Lukas Neumann
Interviews: Eike Buff, Ahmad Alzoubi
Edit: Eike Buff, Ahmad Alzoubi
Color Grading: Ahmad Alzoubi

A project by
VAJA – Verein zur Förderung akzeptierender Jugendarbeit & URBANSCREEN

Kindly supported by:
Bremische Volksbank
Start Jugend Kunst Stiftung Bremen
Bremische Landesmedienanstalt

Thanks to:
Theater Bremen