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We developed an installation for the Stadtteilbibliothek Köln-Kalk that enables visitors to engage with digital media in a novel and playful way.

In cooperation with the Dutch architect Aat Vos and with the support of the Austrian company OMAi, we created an interactive project installation based on the idea of “Third Places”. This concept states that libraries are not just places to borrow books, but rather can be public spaces with a feel-good atmosphere, where people like to dwell. A place that inspires and creates identity.

Using an intuitive, easy-to-use design tool called Tagtool, the users use iPads to digitally paint and animate their own motifs – alone, or as a community. The creations are then immediately being projected onto a large, semi-translucent glass object. The artist Max Goergen designed our core visuals. Those generally create a stylish base-play and also provide an interesting foundation for the interactive occupation with the installation.

Our installation pursues a participatory goal: instead of merely consuming moving images, the users are creating their own. By expressing their own artistic identity, they create their own space with the designs that appear on the canvas. The potential for development is great among beginners and simple scribbles can quickly lead to more complex visual worlds. Future possibilities for extending the installation could include drawing courses with illustrators, cooperations with schools or further workshops with URBANSCREEN.

Comissioned by: Stadtteilbibliothek Köln-Kalk

In Cooperation with OMai and Aat Vos

Premiere: 28th of September 2018

Concept and Creative Direction: Till Botterweck, Max Goergen, Janna Schmidt
Art Direction and Core Visuals: Max Goergen
Production Management: Janna Schmidt
Technical Management: Till Botterweck

Workshop Direction: Till Botterweck, Max Goergen

Documentation Edit: Lukas Neumann
Camera: Lukas Neumann, Amiria Herrmann