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The opening of the new Zentrum für Kunst in the Tabakquartier was highlighted by us with a life art performance and illumination display.

For this, the artists Anke Bär and Max Görgen merged impressions of the Tabakquartier grounds and historical photographs of the location into digital art, which they created with their tablets and the app TagTool.We then projected their designs onto to parts of the building flanking the entrance.With a custom touch designer patch, each projector had its own session so the two artists could take turns using it.

In addition to the Life Performance, we also immersed the location in the best light with 32 spotlights that were aligned with the color scheme of the artworks.
In the course of the event, a continuously evolving, lively mural was created, which significantly added to its atmosphere.

Premiere: 13th – 14th of January

Artists: Anke Bär, Max Görgen
Project Management: Till Botterweck
Technical Planning Projection: Slawa Romanow

Camera: Lennart Liedtke, Moritz Huber
Editing: Mali Gabrielli