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For the annual Berlin leuchtet-festival, we illuminated two towers of Märkisches Zentrum, the centerpiece of Märkisches Viertel, a large housing estate in the Reinickendorf district of northern Berlin.
Fueled by the pulsating beat of Thomas Werners (Llyphon) Soundtrack, CAPITAL SKETCHES brings the minimalistic and austere buildings to live with bright colors.
Graphic forms integrate and reflect the patterns of the architecture, quick changes of scenery and moving bricks vivify the rigid and smooth surface of the façade.
Even intensified by actual words, the two towers seem to be communicating – either with each other or an outside observer?

Commissioned by: GESOBAU and Kintyre Management GmbH

Art Direction: Julian Hölscher
Production Manager: Till Botterweck

Technical Setup & Planning: Frank Wagner (Wagner Medientechnik)

Sound Design: Thomas Werner (Llyphon)

Camera: Julian Hölscher, Lukas Neumann
Edit: Lukas Neumann, Thomas Werner
Photos: Lukas Neumann

A big thank you to Gesobau and Kintyre Management GmbH for this trusting and inspiring cooperation!