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The motto of this year’s Blaue Nacht Nuremberg was “Heaven and Hell”. It made us think of opposites, forces or views that are completely contrary, which we used as inspiration for our Show KONTRA.

In KONTRA, the building narrates an encounter of two opponents. Each of them has been given its own audiovisual vocabulary.

One of the two protagonists expresses itself in a rather cold, monochrome palette of colours. Using low contrasts and serene movements, it comes across accessible and calm. Protagonist No. 2 on the contrary speaks a polychrome language. Using colourful, flickering, defined forms and clear, graphic gestures it gives a fast-paced and flustered performance.

Each Protagonist completely occupies the façade of the building for a few moments, making its influence on the viewer’s experience of reality clearly visible. The appearances of the two opponents seem like a struggle for the supremacy of each individual. Each “attack” is directly related to the previous one, but also develops its own style.

Hesitantly and subtly, the opponents soon begin to acknowledge each other’s audiovisual qualities and include them in their language. A closing of ranks is practiced as their two realities merge and create a new entity.

Comissioned by: Blaue Nacht Nuremberg

Premiere: 4th of May 2019

Art Direction: Ana Romão
Production Manager: Lydia Liedtke, Majo Ussat
Creative Consultant: Till Botterweck
Technical Setup & Planning: Frank Wagner (Lynx Media Systems)
Mock-Up Construction: Eike Buff
Sound Design: Thomas Werner

Camera: Moritz Horn, Eike Buff
Edit: Ana Romão, Moritz Horn
Photos: Eike Buff