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In contemporary exhibition practice, the White Cube stands for a neutral architectural space for the presentation of artworks. In this gesture of maximum restraint, the space prevents itself from interacting with the artwork, so as to let its time- and placeless quality remain untouched. KUBUS, as a site-specific architectural projection, follows a contrary motion. Shifting from highly reduced formal references to rather illusive suggestions of spatiality, the work tries to reestablish a two-way interaction between architecture and artwork.

The work was commissioned for the opening night of the newly built education center and exhibition space „Weißer Kubus“ in Weißenstadt. Conceived as a place for knowledge transfer and exchange, it is part of a growing cultural universe in the heart of the Fichtelgebirge.

Premiered on 16th of January 2016

Art Director: Max Goergen, Moritz Horn
Sound Designer: iona w.

Production Manager: Janna Schmidt
Technical Setup: Bernd Welte
Commissioned by: Dr. Laura Krainz-Leupoldt, PEMA