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A cooperation with Theater Bremen brought us back to our very own roots: Combining projections with dancers. Together with the renowned choreographer Máté Mészáros and the dance company Unusual Symptoms we created SPEKTRUM.

SPEKTRUM is an interplay of light, music and the performers. The use of projections in a theatrical context was a very pleasant experience for us, for when projections are used indoors, they can be controlled so precisely that amazing changes of perspective are possible. Once the stage is perceived as a platform, once as a white cube, once the spatial perception itself is completely challenged.

As the three different elements of the performance merge into one unified language, SPEKTRUM is able to be many things at once: playful and yet fierce, touching and yet disturbing. Less a narrative than an emotional and sensory experience SPEKTRUM challenges the mind of the spectator in a quite a poetic way.

Comissioned by: Theater Bremen

Premiere: 24.10.2019

Art Direction: Ana Romão
Creative Management: Till Botterweck
Documentation Camera and Edit: Moritz Janis Richartz, Lennart Liedtke

Theater Bremen
Choreography: Máté Mészáros
Dramaturgy: Gregor Runge
Assistance: Andy Zondag
Performers: Aaron Samuel Davis, Gabrio Gabrielli, Nóra Horváth, Alexandra Llorens, Nora Ronge, Andor Rusu, Young-Won Song, Antonio Stella
Costumes: Anna Lena Grote
Music: Àron Porteleki
Photos: Jörg Landsberg