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As part of the International Scenography Festival EXHIBIT! 2010, URBANSCREEN ran a one-week workshop dealing with “Lumentecture – Videomapping in Urban Space”. In collaboration with the student participants a scenographic video performance was developed for the façade of the “Kaserne Basel” and performed during the festival as an architectural projection.
The aim of the workshop was to impart a deeper understanding of content issues and technical aspects of Lumentecture – i.e. the site-specific projection onto architectures. In particular, possible scenographic and dramaturgical means of communication through a Lumentecture production were explored. As part of the accompanying EXHIBIT!-symposium Thorsten Bauer and Till Botterweck gave a one-hour speech on the previous work and the continuative artistic approach of URBANSCREEN.

Student participants in the workshop:
Stephan Athanas
Christoph Drews
Sina Kähler
Oleg Klassen
Jannis Reger
Ana Ricardo
Kurt Schuwey
Leila Tobassomi
Michel Winterberg
Yoav David