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An architectural projection on the Hilchenhaus in Lorch, Germany. It was performed at the beginning of October 2009 for the Rheinpartie Festival (
The Hilchenhaus is the historical center of Lorch and remained a ruin after a failed reconstruction attempt in the late 90`s.The morbid beauty of the Hilchenhaus inspired us to create a scenery that refers to the golden ages of this renaissance building and restores the beauty by the strokes of a drawing.

Concept: Till Botterweck
Performer: Frauke Scharf
Art director: Till Botterweck, Thorsten Bauer
Illustrator: Moritz Vahrmeyer
Processing: Ralf Becker
Video footage: Till Botterweck, Thorsten Bauer
Compositing: Thorsten Bauer, Till Botterweck
Technical director: Thorsten Bauer

Music by: bugge wesseltoft and swimmingpool
Remixed by: iona w.