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IN NEMO is the result of an artistic and cultural exchange that took place in an international cooperation project between URBANSCREEN (Bremen, Germany) and Jung Art Vision (Seoul, South Korea).The world premiere was held at Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in October 2014, where the film was projected on a section of Busan Cinema Center’s incredible deconstructivist architecture by Coop Himmelb(l)au.
The work’s conceptual core lies in the interaction of body, space and gravity and their transfer into graphic abstraction. For the choreography, the two performers were exposed to rather unconventional circumstances: they were filmed in a square, turnable green-screen-box. Both, the rotation and the strict spatial boundaries exert a massive impact on their bodies and invited them to physically and emotionally sense their latitude.
In the post production, a graphic layer was added, following the principles of lumentecture by reacting on the given wall structure and translating it into geometric forms and lines. The square shape and the human body are superimposed as corresponding figures and meld into a deconstructive composition. In a stylistic movement from abstraction to reality, from two- to threedimensionality, the bodies seem to become more and more physically present, until they finally dissolve and leave behind an empty, echoing room.

Art Directors: Till Botterweck, Moritz Horn
Sound Designer: iona w.
Project Manager: Janna Schmidt, Manuel Engels
Documentation Edit: iona w.
Team Jung Art Vision:
Choreographer: Ji Youn, Jung
Performers: Sun A Lee, Pan Sun Kim
Project Manager: Jin Ju Kim
Documentation Director: Kyung Yoeb Choo
Camera Team: Jung Hoon Yang, Jae Jun Lee, Bong Chul Kwak
Costume Designer: In Sook Choi, Min Woo Lee
Design for PR materials: So Hee Shin, Min Jae Kim
Sound management: G audio in Busan
PR manager: Bo Kyoung Kim
Venue and techical equipment supported by Busan Cinema Center
In Nemo was produced by LIG Art Foundation as a part of LIG Art Foundation’s Mid/Long Term Production Development.
An URBANSCREEN & Jung ArtVision cooperation