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In the summer of 2019, we contributed to breathe life into the newly opended Gaskessel Wuppertal. With an image area of around 6000 square metres, the interior wall of this industrial monument can be counted among the largest screens in Europe. So when we were asked to create a 360-degree show for this impressively large space, we were thrilled.

Creating a video projection for this venue was an exciting task to solve. We wanted to pay tribute to the history of this place, but the show also needed to be interesting for a lot of different types of visitors.

The industrial monument with its striking cylindrical shape reminded us of a massive machine that makes one wonder about its inside. What would happen if you could hold this machine in your hands, look into it or even control it? And so we came up with the idea of a fascinating and playful show about a magic machine, called DIE WUNDERMASCHINE.

DIE WUNDERMASCHINE revolves around a child who finds this magic machine in the attic. Looking inside, it sees fascinating pictures, illusions and colours in which one can get lost. Little by little, the machine awakes to new life and finally really bursts into action.

DIE WUNDERMASCHINE creates its own universe of “real virtuality” into which the visitors can fully immerse themselves. In here, where the boundaries between illusion and reality blur, worldly problems can be left outside. Inside the Gaskessel, it’s all about imagination and light.

Comissioned by: Gaskessel Event GmbH

Premiere: June 2019

Project Management: Majo Ussat
Creative Direction: Till Botterweck
Art Direction: Julian Hölscher, Moritz Horn
Workflow & 3D-Design: Moritz Horn
2D-Design: Ana Romão, Jonas Schell
Conceptual consulting: Justin Koch
Outer eye: Thorsten Bauer
Concept editing, Press: Lydia Liedtke
Mock up construction & Touch Designer Implementation: Eike Buff
Technical planning and Implementation: Lynx Media Systems
Score, Sound design: Janis E. Müller

Camera: Lennart Liedtke, Moritz Horn
Editing: Lennart Liedtke
Outer Eye: Lydia Liedtke
Score, Sound design: Janis E. Müller

Gaskessel Wuppertal

Gaskessel Wuppertal

Gaskessel Wuppertal

Gaskessel Wuppertal