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Following the slogan “The big reunion” the Kleist Forum invited to a fulminant jubilee celebration from September 1 to 11 2021 and thus opened the new season. The Kleist Forum is a house with an eventful history, which is not only a theater, but also a cultural center. Our show should convey an impression of this diversity of genres and the open-mindedness towards all possible interpretations of art.

Therefore, we chose a very free, open visual style and an onomatopoeic sound to do justice to this fact and ultimately celebrate the Kleist Forum in all its colors and forms.

Commissioned by: Kleist Forum Frankfurt (Oder)
Premiere: 1. 9. 2021
Project management: Till Botterweck
3D-Design: Ana Romão
Sound: Janis E. Müller
Technical Implementation: LYNX Media Systems

Camera: Lennart Liedtke
Editing: Lennart Liedtke
Music: Janis E. Müller