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MehlWelten is a light art object created for the Flourworld Museum Wittenburg, a museum that is aimed at exploring and exhibiting the world of flour. The object is a precisely fitting video projection in interaction with a kinetic sculpture, a wall consisting of 80 individually controllable flaps. It’s custom-made specifically for this location and topic.

MehlWelten is an artistic examination of contemporary milling, aiming at translating the industrial processes into an abstract visual language. Since all processes of a modern mill take place in a closed pipe system, flour processing is basically not visible. The concept of the staging is based on finding an audiovisual language for all the individual processing steps, from grain to refined flour.

The decisive factor for the spatial impression in the room is the incredibly skillful intertwinement of the video installation and the kinetic wall. The quasi-natural movement of the flaps unobtrusivey modulates the daylight in the room. All reminiscences of mill blades or flowing mill streams are entirely intentional.

In the interplay between the movement of the kinetic surfaces, the video projection and a sound montage, the experience of the industrial mill is heightened into the abstract and conveyed emotionally. As all the elements of the installation – narrative, visual and technical ones – intertwine ever so skilfully, the boundaries between the analog and the digital are blurred.

The aesthetics are derived from the clear, reduced formal language of the dynamically moving wall and the sterile and automated processs of the modern industrial mill. We refer to the existing grid of the kinetic wall and use it to develop dimensions and proportion for the projection.

A very special thank you to Mühlenchemie for the excellent cooperation and the trust placed in us.

Commissioned by: MehlWelten Museum Wittenburg


Production direction: Majo Ussat
Art direction: Julian Hölscher
3D animation: Julian Hölscher
Sound design: Anders Wasserfall
Technical realisation: LYNX Media Systems

Design of the kinetic wall: Carsten Falkenberg
Curation: Dr. Oliver Seifert

Filming: Lennart Liedtke
Editing: Julian Hölscher