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IMAGO FLORIS is a collaboration project between URBANSCREEN, Stelzen-Art, Oakleaf and Raummaschine. Four creative collectives from Bremen teamed up to create a realtime kinetic mapping performance for the Fleurop-Interflora World Cup 2015. In this site-specific performance, three stilt walkers in floral-inspired, partly self-illuminating inflatable costumes become moving projection surfaces. With a little help of Kinect-based motion tracking, vivid graphic animations are mapped onto the performers while they move about the monumental hall freely.

Art director: Julian Hoelscher
Dramatic adviser: Till Botterweck
Project Manager: Janna Schmidt

Team Stelzen-Art
Art directors: Janine Jaeggi, Martin Sasse
Stilt- Performer: Janine Jaeggi
Technical manager: Martin Sasse
Costume: Light- Flower

Team Oakleaf
Art director: Bettina Eichblatt
Stilt-performers: Bettina Eichblatt, Sabine Bechle
Technical manager: Piet Koenekoop
Costumes: Moon & Universe

Team Raummaschine
Technical directors: Moritz Richartz, Simon Ulbricht, Hendrik Lüdders

Sound Composition:Beckmann

Documentation Director: Moritz Richartz

Oakleaf Stelzenkunst
LZRK // Raummaschine

IMAGO FLORIS is based on a performance concept by Raummaschine, Stelzen-Art and Oakleaf.







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