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Bikini Berlin is the new cool kid in town – a concept mall for contemporary design and fashion in the landmarked „Bikini-House“ by Paul Schwebes und Hans Schoszberger. For the winter season 2014 we were asked to stage the front façade of the building complex with a festive light installation.
The work is inspired by the corporate design of Bikini Berlin and turns the omnipresent „dot“ into a stage for vivid motion graphics. By picking up stylistic elements of Bikini’s winter decoration the piece offers a foretaste of the urban winter landscape inside the building.
Premiere: November 6th, 2014
Duration (loop): approx. 5 min.
Art Director: Julian Hölscher
Sound Design: iona w.
Media Engineer: Frank Wagner
Project Manager: Janna Schmidt
Documentation Director: iona w.