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SUPERPOSITION was created in the framework of the opening festivities of Goethe Institutes Deutschlandjahr 2018/19, the year of German-American friendship: Wunderbar Together. Embedded in the pulsating atmosphere of downtown Atlanta, the Fulton Central Library, designed by Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer, is silhouetted against its metropolitan surroundings. The core idea of our illumination was to establish a creative dialogue of an unusual kind: namely between the purist austerity of the building and the renowned hip-hop scene of Atlanta. Therefore, this work combines clear graphics that process the Bauhaus design of the library’s interior and façade design, with video footage of dancers from Atlanta. In this way, minimalistic strength correlates with raw, uninhibited dance visuals, continuity interacts with flexibility and American hip-hop responds to German architecture.

Commissioned by: Goethe Institute Washington DC

Premiere: October 5th, 2018

Art Direction: Daniel Rossa
Sound Design: iona w.

Dancers: 411South Atlanta
Justin Edwards
Charlotte Posey
Makenzie Collier
Christian Kelly
Shanorris Pollock
Christopher Harris
Chance Mizell

Camera recordings with dancers: iona w. & Daniel Rossa
3D-Data-Setup: Thorbjörn Geisler

Technical Direction: Sven Rolfes

Projection Engineering: Tobias Wursthorn (Intermediate Engineering)
Eventmanager on-site: Andreas Sengebusch
Technical Supplier on-site: OnServices

Production Management: Majo Ussat
Production Assistant: Lydia Liedtke

Mockup Construction: Eike Buff & Lukas Neumann


Camera: Julian Hölscher, Lukas Neumann
Edit: iona w.
Music: iona w.

Photos: Daniel Dobers

A big thank you to Lena Jöhnk, Miriam Bruns and Christoph Mücher from Goethe Institute Washington DC for this very inspiring cooperation!

We also like to thank the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System and the City Council in Atlanta for their trust and making our projection possible in the first place!