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This 70x20m large architecture-projection is a creative translation of the choreography-related interaction with space into a Lumentecture-setting. Produced for the “Internationale Tanztage Münster” in May 2010, this scenographic staging unites dance performance, motion graphics, sound and architecture into a site-specific artwork.
Motion graphics and video-mapping are inspired by the choreography, while both dimensions of the work maintain their self-contained aesthetical and spatial concept. The dancer’s movements and presence shape and define the space and its boundaries, calling forth the impression of the façade becoming a stage. The virtual three-dimensionality is merely hinted at graphically, deliberately relinquishing a 3D-video-mapping. As a result of this abstraction, the observer’s percipience switches between graphical and spatial, depending on the dancers as a frame of reference.
The immediate urban surrounding was another reference point. At the narrow, almost constricted projection-site in the “Stubengasse”, the building projected on takes up the entire field of view. The audience has to turn left and right during the show, in order to overlook the whole façade. Both the given sense of space and the resulting, special characteristics of the narration are woven into the projection.

Building: Stubengasse Münster
Dancers: Mimi Jeong, Magali Sander Fett, Leonardo Diana
Choreography: Constantin Georgescu
Concept: Till Botterweck
Art direction: Till Botterweck, Max Görgen
Compositing: Max Görgen, David Starmann
Graphic design: Daniel Rossa, Till Botterweck, Max Görgen
Sound design: iona w.
Technical director: Thorsten Bauer

Produced for: Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster
Internationale Tanztage Münster | Theaterfestival “Statements”

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