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The immersive projection cabinet was part of a Piaget pop-up store at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.
We planned the mirror cabinet in 3D and were then able to simulate the viewing experience. Based on this, we designed the content and implemented the animation on site. The interplay of mirror surfaces and projected content created fascinating kaleidoscope effects.

The production was commissioned by Piaget and based on an idea of our partners BEL EPOK, who were also responsible for the overall design of the international pop up store concept.

A special thanks to Sign Works who set up the booth and provided us with video footage.
And many thanks to EPSON, through whose support we were able to realize the project in the Middle East. The projector we used was an EB-PU2010B. We worked with the projector’s own 4k enhancement, what was very convincing for this kind of application.

First event: October 28 – November 10, 2022

Comissioned by: Piaget


Idea and project support: BEL EPOK
Producer: Majo Ussat
Art Direction: Daniel Rossa
3D Supervisor: Moritz Horn

Camera: Majo Ussat
Additional material: Sign Works
Editing: Lennart Liedtke