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We love it when we are allowed to be part of something great and make it even a little greater with our art. For the 100th anniversary of the Oldendorff shipyard, we were asked to transform the festivities into a very special event.

Our task was to help shape the evening with our orchestration. The history of the shipping company was to be conveyed in a celebratory way, by combining archive material with a graphic style aligned with the company’s CI.

We created a show that we projected onto the perimeter of the venue and around the audience. It traced back from Oldendorffs founding fathers to its majestic fleet of ships to the many people who are the heart and soul of Oldendorff – its employees.

After that, we highlighted the performances of none other than Rea Garvey and Sasha and finally set the mood with Live VJ Mapping at the after show party.

Once again, we fell in love with the magic of projection mapping, our craft, capable of immersing a place, an event, a group of people in the right light, connecting them and giving everything the right look and feel.

Comissioned by: Oldendorff Carriers
Premiere: 23.06.2022

Creative Director: Till Botterweck
Production Director: Majo Ussat
Art Director: Daniel Rossa, Steffen Hörbrand, Ana Romao
3D-operator: Thorbjörn Geisler
Sound Design: iona
Live Mapping VJ: Swen Seyerlen
Lighting Design: Sebastian Jakob

Technical Director: Markus M. Haupt
Lighting Director: Philipp Keipers
Lighting Operator: Bastian Künstner
Projection engineers: Frank Wagner, Tobias Wursthorn, Bernd Welte, Julia Foest

Media engineering: LYNX Media Systems GmbH

Camera: Lennart Liedtke, Till Botterweck, Moritz Horn
Editing: Lennart Liedtke