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PULVERMÜHLE is an augmented sculpture conceived and built for the restaurant of the same name in Hamburg. The multilayered physical object is nestled in the prominent bar area to correspond closely with the given interior design.

The video content is divided in two contrasting chapters: while a precisely fit 3D-particle simulation flows softly around the object and reacts to its physical structures, a simple and colour-intensive graphic interpretation of gear wheels creates a playful homage to restaurant’s name.

PULVERMÜHLE was commissioned by DEKOM

Art Direction & Object Design: Mario Ellert
3D-Supervisor: Thorbjörn Geisler
3D-Design: Peter Pflug, Moritz Richartz

Object Construction: Ole Werner
Media Engineer: Frank Wagner
Project Manager: Majo Ussat

Documentation Music: Podington Bear – Satellite Bloom
Documentation Edit: Moritz Richartz