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The permanent light sculpture was exclusively designed for Beirut’s Four Seasons Hotel rooftop lounge. It is composed of medium density fiberboard panels arranged in abstract geometrical shapes and custom-fit projected light. The physical object and the projected moving images refer to each other in an interdependent design. They merge into a site specific piece of art that smoothly integrates into its spatial context while maintaining its autonomy at the same time.

Premiere: 23rd of May 2013
Duration (loop): 30 min
Dimension: 12 x 5m

Art Director Content: Max Goergen
Motion graphics: Julian Hoelscher, iona w., Max Negrelli, Moritz Horn, Till Botterweck
Art Director Sculpture: Till Botterweck
3D Designer: Peter Pflug, Moritz Horn, Lorenz Potthast
Mock-up: Lorenz Potthast
Production Manager: Majo Ussat
Creative Director: Thorsten Bauer
Media Engineer: Tobias Wursthorn / Intermediate Engineering
Technical assist: Lorenz Potthast

Documentation Director: iona w.
On-Site Camera: iona w.
Edit: iona w.
Music: iona w.

Thank you very much for supporting us on-site:
Omar Alkheshen and the entire congenial Four Seasons Team Beirut
Media-Engine support: WINGS VIOSO
Mock-Up projector support: EPSON